A Hope Springs Christmas Tail


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The Hope Springs Gang (often referred to as just “The Gang”) are a bunch of small fluffy dogs who live on a little farm in a beautiful place with their family – the Dogmother and the Dogfather.

The Gang have all been adopted when for various reasons, they needed to find a new home.

This series of books chronicles their adventures and escapades.


Each year just before Christmas, the Hope Springs Gang are joined by a number of holiday friends.


Sometimes they’re friends who have stayed before for holidays and other times it’s their first Christmas Farmstay.


The Gang get really excited when their chums start to arrive because they know that Christmas is close, and Christmas is such a fabulous time.


The Dog Parents get very busy making lots of food and wrapping presents – all in readiness for Santa Paws to come.


This book chronicles the frolicking and fun all the dogs have over the Christmas holiday.


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