Happy Tails 2021-2022

These pooches found their Happy Tails in 2021-2022:




Jasper and Harley who were brothers came in to our care together and were fostered by Elyse at #semaphoresanctuary.

Sadly, Harley had a number of health issues and had to be given his wings when he contracted pancreatitis – prior to his adoption.  Jasper has been adopted by Rachel and John who also adopted William from Holly’s rescue – meaning that Jasper still has a doggy buddy!







Sophie (now Pixie)

Sophie came in to our care with Barney when their senior owner went in to care.  They were fostered at #laurenceslodge.


Sadly, Barney had a number of health issues including rotten teeth that had poisoned his system and passed away at the vet while having a dental.

Sophie has been adopted by Lorrie who describes her as a great little companion.

Precious (now Pepe)

Precious came in to our care when his owner who had dementia forgot that she had a dog and kept putting him out the front. Precious was fostered at #angelashouseofhounds.

Precious has been adopted by Bev and she absolutely adores him.

Thatcher (now Henry)

Thatcher was also fostered at #angelashouseofhounds.  He’d previously been an outside dog and his favourite thing in foster care was to sleep on the bed!

Thatcher was adopted by Emma and just loves his new life!


Missy developed anxiety when her family had a new baby and would cry and howl all night.

Missy was adopted by Pam and Neil who had previously adopted Ollie from us, and has them wrapped around her furry little paw!


Bobbi was initially quite a challenge for his foster carer, Elyse.  When she first picked him up, he refused to get out of her car!

With some training guidance and some firm love, Bobbi learned more appropriate ways to behave and has now been adopted by Leslye and family and is a much loved member of the family


Dug was Bec’s first foster at #becsboarding and became a foster failure.  He is known as the spicy burrito.  He might be small but like many chihuahua’s – he has a BIG attitude!


Luckily his family love him and are happy to accept his little foibles!


Oscar had some separation anxiety and didn’t enjoy riding in the car when he first came in to care at #semaphoresanctuary with Foster Carer, Elyse.

Elyse worked with him to overcome his anxieties and he’s been adotped by Bec, her partner and Mishka (pictured here with him).


Alfie came in to care with us at #hopespringseternal when his owner moved in to an apartment after her husband died – and Alfie did not cope with apartment life at all!

Alfredo Potato, Alfie Wombat is a real character and when he went to visit Kreina and Jim, he made himself at home immediately!

He now has a Westie sister called Winnie and the two of them are exceedingly happy with their lives.

Bro (now Brodie)

Bro came to us after he and his litter brother had a fight that left him with injuries.  It was clear that the two boys could no longer live together and a new home was required – a heartbreaking decision made by his family.

After some time to recover, we matched him with Terri and David and he is absolutely adored – living life in the SE countryside.


Frankie came into care with us when his owners personal circumstances changed and she was unable to provide him with the time he needed.

Frankie has been adopted by Carol and moved to Goolwa – where he and Carol like to get out and enjoy their local environment


We looked after Sarah a number of times when her owner had to go in to hospital for healt issues.

Sarah’s elderly owner passed away in hospital and Angela of #angelashouseofhounds decided that Sarah should remain with her as one of the family as she had bonded and got on so well with Cooper and Franky.


Pepper (now Muppet)

Pepper’s family were moving interstate and were unable to take him with them.

After some time in care at #laurenceslodge he was adopted by Bonnie, her partner and Pinot.


Blake came in to care with us at #angelashouseofhounds after biting one of the family’s young children and attempting to eat the chickens.

He has found the perfect home with Lindsey – who has had three dogs adopted from us here at #hopespringseternal


Banjo came in to care with us at #laurenceslodge after a change of circumstances saw the family grandchildren move in – and one of them was terrified of Banjo.

He has been adopted by Sarah and Trent and now has a fur-bro, Beau for company as well.