About us

We have owned and loved a number of small dogs and purchased our current property in the Adelaide Hills with the hope of establishing a small dog breed rescue.  It is a beautiful 4 acre historic property with a meandering creek, a large green grassy doggy playground, some ducks and geese, chickens and a rooster with attitude and eight resident alpacas.

Whilst we work full-time, we believe that dogs are family members and ensure that they are fed well and exercised regularly – both on the property and taken on various walks and adventures to ensure they are mentally stimulated.

We worked with a rescue group for twelve months and 18 months ago, felt that the time was right to commence our own venture.

We have brought together a passionate group of talented and motivated individuals with a love of dogs and a common cause to make a difference, help where we can and encourage responsible and committed pet ownership.

Hope Springs Eternal Dog Rescue aspires to:

  • Work collaboratively with other rescues and animal shelters
  • Work with integrity, ethics, high standards and a high level of accountability – keeping the best interests of the dog at the forefront of our actions at all times.
  • Educate and encourage commitment and responsible pet ownership.
  • Create a group of passionate and motivated animal lovers who share our ideals and goals and also want to make a difference.
  • Look after our group members as well as we look after our dogs.
  • Share the joys of doggy love with people who are not able to have a dog as a companion
  • Take on dogs who need a comfortable place to retire, and fund their medical care – where funds permit.
  • Assist people with pets, who are doing it tough and may require some short term help with their dogs costs or with short term accommodation where their owner may need to go into hospital or away – where funds and capacity permit

Above all – we seek to do no harm – and to assist other families to experience the joy and love that adding a dog as a treasured member of their family – brings.

Legal information about our organisation can be found by clicking on the link.