Hope Springs Memorial Garden

We have established a Memorial Garden at Hope Springs as a quiet and beautiful place to remember our own pets who have passed and our foster and retirement dogs who have passed whilst with us.


As this is such a beautiful, tranquil and serene location, we would like to offer a memorial place for your pet.  We are not able to bury pets here – but ashes can be scattered – or you can just elect to have a memorial marker and a rose, tree or special bush of your choosing.

Some photos are shown below – but we are happy to accommodate any special wishes you may have.  There will be a one off fee of $100 that will go toward supporting our rescue puppies and giving new chances to those still living.  In addition there will be the cost for the plant/tree and Memorial Marker you select – or you could elect to purchase these yourselves and come and place them.

Please give me a call on:  0408 188 040 if you would like to chat further about our Memorial Garden.