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Hope Springs Eternal and Paws & People The things we could do together……………….! What are we about?
Confessions of a Foster Carer

Have you ever considered becoming a foster carer but you’re just not sure how it all works and whether its right for you, got questions but don’t want to ask?

Read this candid account of one person’s foray into the world of rescue – have your questions answered, and maybe join the ranks of the world of foster carers – without who – dogs of all shapes and sizes would miss out on a new life, new family, new hope and LOVE!

Gain some insight into being a foster carer for a rescue
Home  4  2

I had a dream where people experiencing homelessness and loneliness, and pets experiencing homelessness and loneliness were matched with one another and given a cheap comfortable place to call home………………

Exploring the concept of matching people experiencing homelessness with pets experiencing homelessness with a view to improving life and outcomes for both
Cuddles and Co

Read about our progress with this program and consider joining our team as an Advisory or a Care Co-ordinator

Cuddles and Co Program Update – Join our Team
Paws & People

Read about the covert subterranean world of Snoop Dog and Curiosity the Cat as they gather intelligence on the human race…………

Snoop Dog and Curiosity the Cat
Hope Springs Eternal Dog Rescue

Setting yourself and your new adopted family member up for success

Tips for welcoming your new dog home