Holiday Care Program

 HolidayHope Springs Eternal understands that dogs are happier in a home environment where they can be part of the family, be warm, safe, comfortable – and have companionship

We also understand that families like to know that their precious pooch is happy, safe, and having a good time – when they are going away and can’t take their pup with them.

Hope Springs is offering a holiday stay program – to help support our rescue and re-homing efforts.

Your pooch can come and stay for the holidays and you can feel comfortable, knowing that they:

  • Will receive regular walks
  • Will be fed their usual diet
  • Any medications can be dispensed as required
  • They will receive medical attention, should it be required
  • They can have a meaty bone for enjoyment and teeth cleaning, once a week
  • They can be picked up and dropped off


Holiday Care Application Form


You can also feel good, knowing that the money you pay toward their holiday care, will directly benefit another dog and family requiring care and our services – as all money made out of this venture will go directly into our rescue and rehoming efforts.

Dog Holiday

Holiday Care Costs:

Rates 1 Dog 2 Dogs
Per Day/Night $30 $50
Week (7 days) $200 $350
A surcharge of $5 per day will apply to all SA Public Holidays.
A discount will be applied to holidays longer than 4 weeks. Please ask for a quote.
Bank Details:

Account: HSE Dog Rescue Community Acct.

BSB: 325 185

Account No: 03614178


You provide:

  • Normal food (to prevent upset tummies)
  • Lead and/or harness
  • Bed and blanket and favourite toys


We will provide:Dog Hammock

  • Texts to let you know how your dog is going
  • Pick up and drop off – if required

Dogs going into Holiday Care must have current vaccination status.


Check the Booking Calendar to ensure that there is a place free for your nominated holiday period.


**Please note we will not be taking holiday care bookings for the period 14 April 2023 to 7 May 2023 – as we will be taking a long overdue holiday **

Holiday care availibility



Dates marked in Green may be available

Please complete an Application Form if you would like to apply for a Holiday Care Place




Hope Springs Farm Stay Holidays

Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah,

Here I am at – Camp Mt Barker

Camp is very – entertaining

Chasing ducks 🦆 into the water

When it’s not raining.

We went hiking, up the Summit

Saw some kangaroos and some 🐰 rabbits

Hender loop walk – gives us calfies

Love the way they run away – when we do barkies

Harper Road walk – we see Brownie

He runs the fence  like – he is crazy

Winery Road walk – is very pretty

Maisie flurbles – Dog-father says she’s being very lazy


Then there’s Oscar – he’s a big bird 🐦-

He could stomp you – or so I’ve heard

He’s got long legs and a long neck

Makes him kinda’ look – somewhat ab-surd


Folklore says – he likes to wander

Down the driveway – and somewhere yonder

Heard it tell that – he likes to donk you

Eats nuts and bolts and paint – resulting in – some coloured poo!


Leroy and Lottie are very cranky

They’ve got long necks – makes them look lanky

They hiss and flap and honk their heads away

Seems to me – they’ve got an awful lot they want to say!


Rosie and Reuben – gosling hatching

Dougal and Ollie – need friends matching

Then there’s chickens – round the corner

About Mo the Rooster – we havta’ warn ya!

An alpaca – name of Kuna

Wish I’d known him, kind of sooner

He’s a fun guy and he likes to tease

Aussie watches on and sniggers –   at what he sees!


The Hope Springs Gang – they are okay

Though it seems they sometimes – have a lot to say

That Dog-Father – he’s a good cook

And the laps and pats are plenty when you need a sook.

Muddah, Faddah – I say in earnest

Not a bad place to take – a rest!

No need to worry – I am o-kay

Havin’ quite a blast – on my farm-stay holi-day!


We would also like to hear from people who may be interested in providing holiday care for a puppy

– perhaps you like the idea of having a dog for a little while but can’t commit to full time and ongoing care of a pooch? –
this may be the answer for you – a dog for holidays!