Become a Hope Springs Hero

Have you always fancied the idea of being a “Super-Hero?

Why not consider becoming a Hope Springs Hero?

You can sponsor a retirement senior either individually, or as a group.  A direct debit could be organised on a regular basis, and we will happily issue a formal receipt to enable you to claim all monies donated as a tax deduction at the end of the financial year.

You can choose to sponsor a specific dog in our care by nominating their name as the reference for your deposit

Here is an example of the requirements and costs associated with caring for a senior retiree:



Requirement Annual Cost
Food $1,560
Bed, blankets, toys, bowl collar, lead, harness    $100
Jumpers/Coats    $100
Annual Vaccinations/Heartworm    $300
Flea Treatment    $100
Senior Needs Vet Visits $1,500
Medications $1,000

We will never profit from donations – any money not expended on an individual dog will benefit another dog.

$4,660 = $100 per week

You can choose an amount that you’re happy to contribute on a regular basis.

Please make a donation to help us change the lives of the dogs in our care.

Electronic funds transfer directly to our Rescue Account at Beyond Bank Australia:

Account Name:  HSEDR Dog Rescue Community Account

BSB:       325-185

Account: 03614178

or use PayPal