BJ Blurty Bot Loves Life On The Farm

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Children’s story and picture book about a little white dog with a little problem!

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BJ Blurty bot is a little white fluffy dog who loves his Pa, ras’bry jam on toast and living on the farm………..!

3 reviews for BJ Blurty Bot Loves Life On The Farm

  1. Ryan

    The kids (aged 4 and 1) both really enjoyed this book and had a good laugh, the illustrations were excellent and the story easy to follow – and all for a good cause!!

  2. Jess

    The Hope Springs Eternal series are great wholesome, funny stories for little ones. They also provide a nice opportunity to talk to kids about the importance of kindness and the people out there who take care of animals and people when others can’t. I’d recommend for ages 2/3 and up.

  3. Christine Moore

    Nardene’s illustrations bring the story of BJ Farty Pants to life. What a funny little fellow he is – and who knew – that dogs liked raspberry jam!

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