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Cuddles & Company Care Co-ordinators

The Cuddles and Co Program will gradually be rolled out across the state.  We have very important volunteer roles going. We need  genuine caring people with some time to spare – a love of dogs (and maybe cats), an affinity for and appreciation of our senior citizens, the ability to create rapport and relationships with people, a flair for organisation and co-ordination and a willingness to drive.

You would take a lead role in creating registers of people with suitable pets and people with suitable laps—and match the two—co-ordinating company occasions for both. You may also create a team of Care Co-ordinators who look after an area. This could also extend to Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Retirement Villages and visits to individuals with disability, either in their own home or a group home setting.

The pay? Better than money!

  • The rewards of spending time with happy pets
  • The reward of bringing company and love into an elderly persons life—with the added benefit of checking on their well-being
  • The reward of creating a greater sense of community and bringing people together
  • The reward of doing something really special
  •  The ultimate reward—doggy love and puppy kisses!

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Let us know what you could bring to the role—and to the team!

Position Details

Position ID: 102355

Name: Cuddles and Co Regional Care Co-ordinator


Short Description: Care Co-ordinators arrange regular scheduled visits between lonely pets and empty laps – bringing together the pets of people who work full-time but would love the company of someone during the day and pet loving seniors who can’t manage a pet on an ongoing basis but would enjoy the companionship and love that a pet offers for mutually satisfying arrangements, within a regional area

Description: The Cuddles and Co. program seeks to identify people who work full time and have pets who would enjoy company and sitting on someone’s lap for the majority of the day with Seniors or people who cannot have or afford a pet of their own but would love the company of a pet for the day on a regular basis. The benefits of spending time with, and petting animals is well documented and has physiological benefits to both people and pets. Spending time with pets reduces loneliness, creates a sense of purpose and something to look forward to and has the added benefit of checking in on the individual and enabling early identification of an issue that can be reported, referred or escalated. An unintended benefit is that there will be a reduction of complaints regarding pets barking or anxious because they are left home alone. Depending on the physical condition of the Visitee, they may be able to walk the dog providing additional benefit to both them and the pet.

Care Co-ordinators will play a key role in managing the Cuddles and Co Program within a regional area. They will promote the program to services that support seniors and visit individuals who are interested in participating both as a Visitor and a Recipient. The Care Co-ordinator will find out what type of pet a person would like to have visit and how often, and assess whether they are able to care for the pet whilst in their care and that their premises are secure and will not create a risk of escape. Care Co-ordinators will also assess potential participating pets and their families and screen them for suitability to be included in the program.

The Care Co-ordinator will create and maintain a database of Visitors and Visitees and organise visitation schedules. The Co-ordinator attends at the first visit to make introductions and ensure all goes well. Once the visitation schedule is established, the owner of the pet visitor will drop off to the Recipient in the morning and pick up on the way home from work.

The Care Co-ordinator will also create a referral network and escalation points so that if they become aware of any health or wellbeing issues with the Visitee, they can be referred appropriately for follow up.

The Care Co-ordinator will work with their local council, Non-Government Organisations, Senior Services, Nursing Homes and Aged Care Facilities, Doctors, Hospitals and other services that support people who are isolated and lonely. They will do presentations to local community groups, promote the benefits of the program and encourage participation and involvement.

Care Co-ordinators will be supported by the Community Project Officer and the Program Directors.

Care Co-ordinators will need a computer with Internet, Email, Word and Excel, their own car and a driver’s licence. Once the program is established in a region, Care Co-ordinators may receive a small amount of reimbursement toward petrol and telephone costs.

Requirements: You need to be a friendly person, who enjoys meeting new people and loves animals. You’ll be good at establishing rapport and creating/maintaining relationships. You’ll need good organisational skills, be able and willing to drive, and be able to use the Internet, Microsoft Office applications including Word and Excel and Email. You may be required to undergo a Working with Vulnerable Persons screening at your cost.

Please Note: As each organisation provides different levels/types of insurance, volunteers are reminded to check with the organisation as to the type of insurance provided for volunteers (e.g. Volunteer Personal Accident Insurance)

12 Regional Care Co-ordinator Role available in the following regions:


  • Adelaide Hills
  • Barossa, Light and Lower North
  • Eastern Adelaide
  • Eyre and Western
  • Far North
  • Fleurieu and Kangaroo Island
  • Limestone Coast
  • Murray and Mallee
  • Northern Adelaide
  • Southern Adelaide
  • Western Adelaide
  • Yorke and Mid North


Duration: Long Term

Time Required: Up to 15 hours per week as required to work around your existing commitments

Age Range: 30 to 75

Training: Provided by Community Project Officer and Program Directors

Reimbursement: Small amount to cover petrol and telephone once the program is established in a region

Transport: Working within a region – you will need to be able to drive.

Volunteers needed: 12 Urgent: No

Agency Name: Hope Springs Eternal Inc.




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Full Name: Ms Chris Moore

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Phone-Chris: 0408 188 040

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