Retirement Village Dog Sponsorship Program

Often people who move into Retirement Villages are unable to have a dog – or have had to give up a dog when they moved.Share the Care

We would like to offer the opportunity of Village Sponsorship of a dog in care.

Sometimes it takes a village to care for a dog.

How does it work?

We will set up your Village with a dog in care who requires sponsorship.

Your Village residents contribute to the care and funding needs of that dog whilst it is in care.

Seniors and Dog

We will:

  • Provide regular updates about your sponsored dog,  that you can send to residents via email or print out and place on Community Notice-boards
  • We will bring the dog to visit its Village Sponsors
  • We will add you to our Newsletter Mailing List
  • We will include you in our Facebook Community
  • We will feature  your Village and your sponsorship on our Internet Site
  • We will feature your Village in our promotional brochures and materials

It’s a win for your residents who get to visit with, and care for – a dog in need – and it’s a win for that dog!


Seniors and Dog 1


Would your Retirement Village like to be involved in:

Changing the world for one dog at a time?