Cuddles and Co Program Interest Survey


Hope Springs Eternal Dog Rescue Inc. (HSEDR) is a Not For Profit organisation that recognises the benefits that occur to both people and pets when they spend time together enjoying one another’s company.

HSEDR are developing a service run primarily by volunteers that organises scheduled visits between people who love animals and would enjoy the company of a pet on a regular basis, and a pet who would normally be at home during the day with no company.

What are the Benefits of the Service?

  • For pets who currently spend long hours alone, there are benefits from regular company. Pets spend less time home alone, are less anxious, less lonely and less likely to do naughty things at home because they’re bored, that create issues for them, their owners and the neighbours!
  • For working people with pets – we know that pets help create greater community connection between yourselves and those who may be socially isolated. The programme also provides an opportunity to check in on the pet visitee and ensure their well-being.


  • For people who would love the companionship of a pet on a regular basis – there are many benefits of pet companionship on physical and mental health, especially for those that are socially isolated.


How Will It Work?

Pet owners and their pets will be matched to a visitee. A Volunteer Care Co-ordinator will organise for the pets and visitees to first be introduced. Then on an agreed schedule, the pet owners will drop their pet off to the visitees and pick them up again as agreed. There may be a very small charge involved to cover the cost of transporting the pet, but this is still being considered.


To help us with our planning for this service, we invite you to complete our survey below by Tuesday 31 October 2017.

Please tick any boxes that are relevant to you and include your contact details as requested.