Chase The Dream Photography and Arts

Chase The Dream Photography and Arts (CTDPA) is proud to offer support to Hope Springs Eternal Dog Rescue, Rehoming and Retirement.

My love affair with animals started a scant few years before my love affair with photography, both started as a child. Photography wise I shadowed my dad as he experimented with his photography, helping set up trick shots and to develop film in our makeshift dark room, then later getting my own point and shoot cameras before stepping into the SLR and now the DSLR world.

As many photographers started out, I took snapshots of family, friends, but it was through my photography of pets, wildlife and landscapes that I found my true calling. With support and encouragement, I opted to leave a 26 year career path to embrace my passion.

CTDPA is focused on providing photographic services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction and will do everything possible to meet client expectations. I am a passionate animal lover and have made one of CTDPA’s core missions to assist animal rescue groups and other select charities, either through donated photographic service, or through the donation of part proceeds from CTDPA sales.

With a natural affinity with animals, I have taken time to develop my skills, putting the animal’s needs first and particularly with those that are shy, may have anxiety issues or may just shy away from a camera, and will work with their carer/owner to achieve the best results possible.

I am excited to work with Hope Springs Eternal Dog Rescue, Rehoming and Retirement and to help them help others.