Marly’s Mayhem – 23 October 2016

Hi There, I just come to live at this place – and I heard ’em say it’s called Hope Springs – and I’ve ‘pparently joined some sort of gang. Okay, Goody😊

I lived in a really small place b’fore with another little 🐶 dog. We di’nt really do much – though me Ma gave me good cuddles. I didn’t really have anywhere to go to the toilet and I didn’t know what I was supposed to do- and it was hard for me Mum to clean up after me all the time because she wasn’t well – so she asked these people if they could help me find a really good fam’ly to give me the best life – and help me be the best dog I can be.


I have to say that all this change has been a little overwhelming for me – but very exciting too. There are a few other dogs here and it was a bit scary when I first met them all. They also put me on something I think is called grass – and I wasn’t too sure what to make of that.

I got a really soft bed that’s like a cloud when I lay in it – and I think it’s more comfy than the cardboard box I had – though I really liked chewing on that box with my little sharp puppy teeth. I’ve also got some toys of my very own – and I just love the dinner here – the Dog Father makes it especially for all the dogs here.

I like that Dog Father. He gives good snuggles, and he talked to me quietly and let me chew and suck on his thumb – which reminded me of being with my furry Dog Mother. I had a good long snuggle with Dog Father – but I wasn’t sure what to do with my really long legs – and kept them stuck straight out in front of me.

I wasn’t really happy about going to bed by myself the first night and I barked and cried and howled. I heard them Dog Parent people say that I did need to learn that it was okay to be by myself sometimes.




The next morning after I had some bickies for break-sast – we went “down the back”. All the other dogs were really excited about going “down the back” so I thought it must be a pretty good place.

Wow – I don’t even know where to start. I met the Alpaca girls, I saw Max the Rooster 🐔 Man, I saw chickens, ducks and big fat geese.

There was so much of that grass stuff and some sloshy water. I bounced around a bit and then I discovered by watching all the others – that I could run around – and that was really fun.

I thought that was about as good as it could get – but then we all got in the 🚗 car and went for a thing called a walk. I didn’t know how that was supposed to work and wondered why I kept going forward and then having to stop because I was on a thing called a lead. The Dog Mother let me have a long loose lead to start with so I could get used to it – and then made it a bit shorter as I got more used to it. I really liked the walking thing. There was lots to see – cows, horses, sheep with alpacas, kangaroos and rabbits. I was really tired after, though.

All of us dogs went out to the shed to help the Dog Mother put the Ruff Rover Packs together for the Homeless Expo.

Oh My Goodness – I could not believe it – in this place called a study – dog 🐶 biscuits 🍪 rained from the sky!! All of us dogs tried to help the Dog Mother and clean up them biscuits as quick as we could – but they kept coming – until we had enough. Well – if that isn’t dog heaven – then I don’t know what would be!

On anuvver day a lady an’ a man came to visit. We all showed ’em roun’ th’ place an I heard they might be my new Mum ‘n’ Dad. They both gave me belly rubs and cuddles on their lap – an’ I really liked that. I heared that I havta’ stay here for more time while I have vet stuff done – an’ then I can go live wiv’ new Mum ‘n’ Dad. We went for another walk after – an’ I was so tired after that I went to bed an’ didn’t make another sound till the next morning. ‘Pparently that Dog Mother was a bit worried 😩 about me – because I was so quiet.


I been tryin out th’ toys here an’ sometimes I take a shoe 👠 for a walk. I try to play wiv’ all th’ uvver’ dogs but they don’ like playin as much as me.

Maisie sure don’ like it when I pull her tail or her ears and bite her whiskers – but I can’t help it – she shouldn’ have such a long tail if’n she don’ want me to pull it.

I heared em’ say that I’m really smart as a button and willing and eager to learn new things an’ I watch what the other dogs do and copy them.

Life’s pretty good an’ I’m pretty happy 😊 an’ the Dog Parents here seem pretty happy b’cause they keep laughin’ at me.


Love an’ puppy kisses 😘 to ev’ry-one, Marly xx