Ruby’s Happy Tail

Little Cricket (now Ruby) came to us when her owner became unwell and couldn’t care for her.  Cricket was only about 5 months old but like a lot of the tiny dogs we’ve known – although she may be diminutive in stature – she was huge in personality.  She often had quite a lot to say about things!  We could not keep a jumper on her – even when the temperature was in the minus’.  Her favourite thing to do was to curl up with another dog for comfort and warmth.




Ruby has been adopted by Julie and Eddy (fur-bro).  During the week, while Mum’s at work – the fur-kids get picked up by the Grandparents and taken on outings – to cafes, the beach or the park.


The two dogs have become firm friends and we know that Ruby will have a long and happy life in her new family!




Happy Tails, Ruby