Gracie and Cadbury’s Happy Tail

Gracie, a 9yo English Cocker Spaniel and Cadbury a 4yo Cavoodle came to us when their owner could not take them with her into temporary accommodation.


I had not had a Cocker Spaniel previously and did not know what sweet and loving personalities they had.  I had also never come across the cocker spaniel trait of ‘singing the song of my people’ (howling) when left out of things or left alone.  Despite being blind, Gracie was able to find and use our small dog door by day 2 and mentally mapped where the stairs and everything else in our house and garden were.

Cadbury was very solicitous toward Gracie and often sat or laid with her.  When she struggled to navigate in unfamiliar terrain, Cadbury would help her out.  The two dogs both have very sweet personalities and we are so pleased that we have been able to find them a loving, caring home where they will live out their lives – loved and with every need taken care of.  They also have another poodle sister.



Happy Tails you two – it was a pleasure to help you find your family!