Blacky’s Happy Tail

Blacky lived in a very small property with no outdoor area.  His owner was unable to walk him as she was vision impaired.  As a young dog of about 4 years, Blacky needed a little more exercise and stimulation than what he was getting.

His owner struggled to care for him and asked for assistance to re-home him.




Coincidentally, the same day we had an enquiry from a lady who had lost her little dog and was lonely without a furry companion.  She was looking for a young Chihuahua.


It was serendipity……….Blacky met Eva and moved in with her and the two fell in love.  Eva adores Blacky and takes him out walking twice a day – which he relishes.



He also has a big back garden to run around in and play with his favourite tyre toy.


Happy Tails BlackyBlacky2