Tazzy Tailwagger

Taz Man!

There’s another dog star in the night sky tonight and a piece of my heart flew with him……

This is a tribute to Tazzy TailWagger – a very sweet, loving Tri-colour cavalier we have had the absolute honour of sharing time with over the last 3 months.

Taz came to us to foster with his little fluffy fur sister, Snowie – 4 days before Christmas. The first night I could tell he had heart issues. He sat up all night because he was too uncomfortable to lie down. After treatment at the vet, starting him on heart medications and setting his bed up with cushions so he could sleep in a semi reclining position he improved a bit. After having X-Rays and an ECG though, it became obvious that both Taz and Snowie weren’t great candidates for adoption – and actually I already loved these two – so it was decided that Taz and Snowie would live out their retirement here with us.

We have never for a single instant regretted that. Tazzy is the most gentle, sweet, easygoing, responsive, well mannered, well behaved good natured and patient dog I’ve met. He is a true gentleman – he adored Snowie and always watched out for her and watched over her (although he would eat her dinner if she didn’t look out). His tail never stopped wagging – until tonight. If we got up to go to the loo at night, Taz would be wagging his tail. Going out walking near roads worried him but he loved going out for a drive in the car – and often got to be a front seat dog – picking up pizza, going to get the paper, picking me up from the bus. He’d spin round in excited circles about going out in the car! He also liked to check the chickens and inspect the shed to make sure there were no rats to surprise us. When working at home he was loyal and committed never leaving his spot on the floor at your feet until you’d finished.

Taz loved a bone and would stay up late enjoying his – long after everyone had gone to bed.

Tazzie came from a real Aussie family  – and in the Aussie vernacular he was a real decent Aussie bloke. Thanks Taz for spending your last few precious months with us. You gave us so much in such a short time! Vale Buddy – we loves ya’ Mate xx🐾🌹💔