Soots The Koala

28 August 2021 to 9th July 2022

Soots was with us for almost a year – retired here at Hope Springs.  Such a character!  He slept between us in bed and would stretch right out pushing us over to the edges.  Sooty’s very mild super-power was sleeping – its what he did most and best!  On a nice day, he’d go outside and sleep on the deck.


Last night we were back at the vets to give Soots his wings. He hadn’t eaten since Tuesday, couldn’t stand up, had very low blood pressure and just wasn’t with us any more. He was in kidney failure.

I love each of these guys fiercely and it’s so hard to hold them that final time and then lay them on the table and leave.
Soots was a golden oldie when he came to us and it didn’t seem right to put him through another change at his age after he’d settled with us – so he stayed and retired here. His very mild superpower was sleeping. He slept in our bed between us so that he didn’t get pushed out. He was usually the last one up in the morning and often I’d wait to make the bed until he was ready to get up.
He loved his food and would literally take cheese 🧀 and biscuits out of my hand if I wasn’t careful. He insisted on having a bowl of warm milk each evening (and when I made it for him – I’d sprinkle a little drinking chocolate on top).
He was very often my little shadow. His eyesight wasn’t fabulous so he’d find my legs and follow close. He enjoyed a little potter down the back especially when the sun was shining and sometimes would take his sleeping out to the back deck on a nice day.
He could be a fiesty little fluffer especially when it came to touching his face which he hated. He’s the only dog we’ve had that has got the better of Deb, our groomer.
He was a wonderful, quirky little guy and I’m just heartbroken. Again, even knowing it was coming – made it no easier when it happened. Rest easy now Soots – I’ll miss you snuggling up to me in bed and resting your little head on me.
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