8th July 2022

Our Princess #chloebear🐻 was given her wings this morning.

According to her vet record Chloe was 17y 3m so I guess that was a really good long life.

It was never going to be long enough, though. Chloe was battling kidney failure and heart failure in the end. She lost her hearing a while back and recently seemed to have difficulty seeing where the water was in the bowl. She wasn’t eating and was really flat. I was going to get something to improve her appetite at the vet today. I knew it was coming sometime – but I didn’t anticipate it was going to be today.

I picked this photo because it makes me smile – every time I see it. Lots of people loved Chloe and #thedogfather🐾🧢 often joked that if we needed funds we could put her up for an adoption auction. She was pint sized but had personality plus! She’d huff and puff her displeasure if things weren’t quite the way she wanted them. She would fly through the air when she wanted to be picked up, was fond of possum poo fossicking, loved eating dead bugs and like to ‘boof’ things off the couch or off the bed.

We absolutely adored her and we’re very grateful that her Mum entrusted her to us to love when she moved interstate. She’s always kept in touch and we’ve shared our mutual adoration for this little Princess. Sleep well now beautiful girl.

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