Bootlace came into care with us via our Paws and People program.  We offered somewhere for him to stay while his Mum, Kareena found a pet friendly rental.  Little did we realise how long that would take!  Booty remained in care with us for 9 months until eventually we were able to get him first a foster home in Mt Gambier which is where Kareena was and secondly find a pet friendly rental there so that she could have Booty back home with her.


He was a lovely chap and a pleasure to spend time with.  Kareena had him back nearly 4 years before he succumbed to old age – passing away at 18 years old!


Vale Booty – we’ll never forget you.  You were instrumental in bringing a number of people together and creating new friends that have endured beyond your passing.  Well done buddy!