Abby came into our care in February 2021.  She had some neurological issues and I think her owner could not afford the diagnostic testing required to determine the problem.  Sadly, it turned out Abby had a terminal illness – necrotising meningio encephalitis – severe inflammation of the brain.  So cruel – she was only 4 years old!

She had such heart and spirit though – and she battled on right to the end.  Our time with her was short – but she left a lasting legacy and memories.

29th July 2022

Our beautiful little Abby was given her wings this evening. This may have been the most heartbreaking 💔 yet. Abby’s body had given up on her – she struggled to stand and walk and couldn’t eat. She tried so valiantly though – to get to her feet and walk and she came for treats and was excited about dinner even though she couldn’t eat. Her spirit was indomitable and there was still so much light and life in her eyes. We spent some time together today – sitting in the sunshine ☀️ and she looked up at me several times. I’m not sure what she wanted me to know but I thanked her for the time we’ve had together and reassured her that she’d been – The Best Dog Ever! She peacefully went to sleep this evening and won’t now suffer a major seizure that takes her life painfully or struggle increasingly. Vale little sweetheart – we’ll always remember you and speak of you often. It was a privilege to know you and to care for you. #hopespringseternal🐶 #hopespringsgang🐕 #abby🎀 #abathaabatha🎀