We are devastated tonight. Our little rascal Escape Artist – out-manoeuvred us and escaped from what we thought was an inescapable sanctuary (inside our house). She escaped our garden and was found by a kind Samaritan by the side of the road 5km’s away.

I can’t even begin to describe our devastation, our heartbreak and the level of guilt we feel. Her care was entrusted to us and we’ve failed to keep this sweet little girl safe.

She was a tiny little thing – only 3kgs and it’s a very big, scary world with so many terrors for such a little tyke. We both keep imagining how terrified she must have been .

If only…..

We thought we’d created a safe fortress (it needed to be safer)
We got the message from our neighbour earlier
We could have been there with her, and for her

If only ……

We could turn back time

We are so very sorry Lily. This was supposed to be the beginning of the best part of your life – We promised you that!

I hope you flew to Heaven on the lightest of gossamer wings
I hope God keeps you right by his side
I hope he cuddles you and keeps you close till you’re ready to frolic in meadows filled with buttercups and chase butterflies and lay on your back in the cool grass and just enjoy – being a little dog

And – I hope that you never feel like you need to escape again.

We loved you Lily. We remember you today and we will honour you by planting a mass of the prettiest lilies I can find in our memorial garden at Hope Springs.

Sweet dreams – Angel Lily xx