Sophie Jane – Great White Terror (Terrier) – 19 May 2016

Yo Peeps, Sophie Jane, GWT here again – reporting in with a Union Rep Sit-Rep from Saturday.

Carrot Dog

Already the gang have had to call on my newly elected Union Rep. Services on a number of occasions. I’ve had to make formal and quite stern representations on behalf of Member Sandy – who upon informing the Dog Father that she was still hungry the other night after dinner – was offered a half carrot to chew. Seriously, are you kidding me?? I know technically it wasn’t his fault as he was acting on instruction from the Dog Mother – who claims she read it was a good healthy snack for dogs (on Facebook, of all things) – I know right – what dog lovin’ pet person believes ANYTHING they read on Facebook?

I instructed my member to refuse outright to have anything to do with that carrot.

I’ve also instituted a class action this evening when the Dog Mother neglected to dole out the brisling sardines in oil that were to be an accompaniment to our evening meal.

Fishing Dog

This constitutes a blatant disregard for our wellbeing and enjoyment.

If this keeps up – I expect I’ll have to issue a default notice and we’ll have to institute rolling work to rule action and ultimately, schedule a complete “stop work”.

I’m pretty sure I heard the Dog Mother darkly muttering something about who would know the difference – but Im here to tell you – she wont be just carrying two dogs out to the toilet if she doesn’t heed our: Take Notice to Comply.

It’s a good thing I’m now here to represent the proletariat – that’s all I can say.

On the trail of righteousness and equity and fair work – this is U.R GWT S.J‼️⚠️