Sophie Jane – Great White Terror (Terrier) – 30 September 2016

Yo Peeps, Sophie Great White Terror (Terrier) checking in with the proletariat.

Overhead the Dog Mother remark to the Dog Father that I’d taken up residence in Mack’n’George’s old place and it was now my Den of Iniquity.

Silly woman – has not grasped the fact that I AM the elected Union Representative for Hope Springs and am here to represent my members both present and recently departed – and what I actually said was – that this was going to be my Doyen of Equality!

It is now my Campaign Headquarters, my Strategy Saloon, where I meet with my members and consult on industrial matters. When I am in there – I am not resting and relaxing, I am not snoozing and snoring – I am ruminating and reflecting, plotting and planning and scheming and strategising – just before I negotiate and make known my demands.

So instead of feeling secure and safe – when the Dog Parents see me in there – they should be feeling anxious and afraid.

Right now my members and I are contemplating the redistribution of labour required now that Mack and George have departed. Sure – we’ve had a new member – but just between you and me – she hasn’t shown much promise as being anything more than a pretty face at this point in time.

I’ve personally had to step up and take it for the team – allowing the Dog Mother to have me on her lap more frequently, succumb to more ear rubs and back rubs, let her lie next to me in her bed each morning and keep the Dog Father entertained with my dancing 💃 skills.

Maisie’s also been feeling the pressure – she has to play with the Dog Father every day now – and poor BJ is prevailed on continuously for “mateship”, “comrade-rey” and “buddy-ism” as he’s the only other male in the house.

Not sure whether we’ll have a work to rule order, slap ’em with a default notice, stage a go-slow or go on a rolling strike but I’ll keep you posted.

Keep The Faith, Peeps. Power to the 🐶 Puppies!