Sophie – Great White Terror (Terrier) – 29 March 2016

Hi All, Sophie – Great White Terror (I mean Terrier) checking in – just so you remember who’s Boss around here.
I’ve had an issue lately sleeping in the same space as the other dogs – (Maisie snores like you would not believe)!! I hate to suggest it – but – y’know, if she stopped eating like there was no t’morrow – well – she wouldn’t be so (ahem) FAT and might not snore like a – dare I say it – well perhaps I’ll just whisper it Dog-Farver (sshhh).
Anyway, I didn’t want to sleep with the other dogs anymore and I started hiding at bedtime – under the bed, under the car, under a bush – you get the idea.
Soo, Dog Mother gave in to my demand for a different sleeping environment and I have been sleeping in my own bed next to the Dog Parents’ bed.
This arrangement seemed to work for a few days and then I decided that if I got my own way about that – then I could probably get away with going to bed early and not have to go outside and go to the toilet before bedtime – I mean – it’s outrageously rude to make you go out in the dark and the cold when you’ve been curled up on a comfortable lap all evening, anyway!
A-and- I was getting away with it until Sunday night when I had to get up and go out to the toilet at 2.30am.
I was minding my own business and taking a tinkle in the cold and the dark and possums were snarling and hissing all around me (did I mention it was dark?)
It scared me – I mean I needed to scare them – so I set about barking up a storm – Aaaa-WhoooWhoooWhoooWhooo! Dog Mother says she could hear the fear in my voice – but I think she just doesn’t understand that one has to set exactly the right tone for maximum impact.
Anyway, (sigh) – the upshot seems to be that now I am to be wrenched from my warm bed to go outside to the toilet so that I can go to bed!!! Go figure!!  There’s just no making sense of these Dog Parent types, sometimes.
I am however, busy – strategising my next move – so stay tuned to hear more!
Later – Persons, Sophie GWT