Sophie Jane – Great White Terror (Terrier) 14 February 2016

Sophie Jane – Great White Terrier

Yo People- I’m Sophie Jane – but of course you already knew that – yeah?
I am now nearly the oldest (only Mel is older) but no matter about that – i am the BOSS around here.
Sure – i might look little and sweet with my pink flower collar and my butterfly ears and my velvety little paws – but don’t be fooled – I am 3.2 kilo’s of pure Att -i – tude!! I keep the rest of our motley crew in line  and I practice my fierce-ness daily by savaging a dog cushion or shaking the stuffing out of a toy.
No-one messes with me. When we’re down the back – you should see how fast I run across the grass to send those ducks back into the water – they’re not to come up on the bank on my watch. Mum says I bound like a rabbit.
The other very mild super power I have is scaring baby calves near the fence when we go out walking. You should see them run away. Makes me just a little bit proud. I hold  my head up really high, puff out my chest and strut my stuff – Ooh Yeah, I’m Good……..!  Its taken me a good while but I’ve finally got the dog parents  trained – just the way I like.
Dad understands now that as soon as he’s finished his dinner he needs to do my back rub. I arch my back and stick my nose right  up in the air. Then he has to do the Ferret – where he smooths my hair back – over and over – and eventually I’ll give myself a good shake and fluff it up again.
Then we do the “Sophie Smurf – House dance” routine – which seems to make the parents laugh EVERY TIME (yeah I don’t get it either – coz I’m a really excellent dancer).
I forgot to tell you they call me Smurfie and often-times Mum calls me Puss or Pussy. I know I’m a dog – but – she’s not that  bright – what can I tell you? Perhaps too much al-co-hol, hmmm?
Mum and Dad have both finally learned that i am not to be disturbed when I am sleeping. It had taken a lot of very annoyed growling on my part but now they know not to bump me when I’m asleep on their bed or on their chair – and under no circumstances are they to get up and get a drink or go to the  toilet when I am sleeping on their lap.
Sometimes, when I’m not happy – like when they cut my nails or someone doesn’t see me and steps on me or kicks me – I have a full on freak fest – I run around growling wildly and trying to bite something –   and Mum calls me “Feral Beryl”. She’s always saying – there’s no need to go all Feral Beryl about it.
Mum also understands now that she  has to pick me up on demand and put me up on the bed or the chair – as many times as I want. She now “gets” that its not seemly for someone of my importance to get up for treats – and will now bring them to me – in bed. You have no idea how long it took me to train her to do that properly.  She now also understands that I must be sitting on the carpet or the rug to have treats or food and simply WILL NOT eat my bone out on the deck – I must have it inside.
I’m a pretty  awesome ball fetcher and I’ve got my own little balls that are the right size for me.
I have a sparse coat – so I have a wardrobe befitting my status – with pyjamas, jumpers, t/shirts, coats and a couple of dresses – all colour co-ordinated – as you would expect. I loan some of my clothes to Snow – but she’s even  smaller than I am so Mum’s going to have to get her some more of her own.
So, that’s  us – the permanent dog  residents of Hope Springs. Clearly, the most important and best one had  to go last.
I think Mum said she was going to let the foster brothers say something next.
Just don’t anyone forget – Sophie Jane is in da house!