Snowie’s Soliloquy’s – 25 March 2016

Hey Peepth, Does anyone know wevver th’ Union Bloke works on Good Friday?
Theeth Dog Muvvers and Farvers ‘ave dispossessed me of me bed t’day and taken me on long car ride to place called Belair Nash’nal Park ‘parently – for – a very long walk.
After what seemed forever – and after makin’ me acshally walk some of it, we sat down to ‘ave lunch – and two emus wanted to come over and dispossess me of me lunch.  Now shorely that’s a Occ Healf’n’Safety Hazard??
Then………..even though I gave them peeps me cutest smile and cocked my head on th’ side to look even cuter – they did not immediately get me more lamb crumble treats out that back-pack.  I barked at ’em to let ’em know I demanded me lamb rights but they just laughed and said – in a minnit, Bunny – so I showed them – I climbed in ‘th back-pack to get me own!! You jus’ carn get good help these days.
Unhappy Snow
Thith  is my unhappy face!☹️