Snowie’s Soliloquy’s – 24 April 2016

Pssssth Peepth, Sshhh! Can thomeone get th’ Union Bloke urgently pleath?

 You know the Dog Mutha made me go ta’ work before, right – i have photo- graphic evidenth that I was forced to complete formth and attend meetingth.

 Well….I heard ‘er tell th’ Dog Farther that they wasth plannin on sendin out lot-tha lettas to Peepth at her work, and that I could thit there – and they  coukd use-th me and my pokey out tongue to lick th’ thtamps. A Thticker Licker – I don’ think tho! I got righth – an I’m a Thivil Libertarian!

 She then wen on to say that she could line all the dogth up inna row wiv their tongue-th out and juth run lineth of thtamps along their tongue-th.

 Then there-th all tha envelope-th.

 Neva mind th’ Union Bloke – best get th R-ETH-PEE-THEE-AY! Th-traight up.

 We all need-a be thaved from Exth-ploy-tay-shun!