Melly’s Meanderings – 31 May 2016

Hello Beautiful People,

Mummy said I should write and tell you how I’ve expanded my horizons. Not only do I vault easily over picket fences – now I also go next door to Bill’s block – despite Mummy and Daddy spending lots of time, energy and money putting up wire along the whole length of the fence line between our block and Bills. They couldn’t put fence over the actual creek – and they thought we wouldn’t go in the water – but I had to.

I saw a bunny and she said Hey Melly – come and race me up this hill. 🐰 I don’t very often go out of my way to run about all over the place (like Mack and George and Maisie) but this seemed like really good fun – so I thought I would. I didn’t really think that the other dogs would come with me – but they did. This seemed to make Mummy a bit cross – and she called out to me – Melodie Amber Moore – get back here immediately – only I thought she said – Get that hare immediately – so of course I kept chasing. 🐇

Mummy was yelling louder and louder and I thought she was cheering me on – so I kept running after that rabbit – up and over the hill – and out of sight – with all the other dogs chasing me – chasing the rabbit.

Melly and Bunny

Mummy must have really been enjoying the race between us dogs and she was calling all our names and encouraging us to go faster.

I think she wanted to be in the race because she came through the fence calling us all and she must’ve wanted Daddy to race too because she was calling him to come and help.

She got close to us and she was telling us all to go back home – maybe she wanted to play with that rabbit all by herself. She seemed quite cross – and I think she was just disappointed she didn’t see the rabbit first.

Mummy said its amazing how deaf you become when it suits you Melly but I just said Pardon – I couldn’t hear you Mummy – and I gave her a tail wag and a lick.

I said Love’nLight Mummy – and rolled in some duck doo so she would love my smell and not be cross with me, anymore.

Happy Day Everyone🌸🌺🌼