Melly’s Meanderings – 27 March 2016

Hi Beautiful People, Mummy says I should say Hi – so you know I’m  still about the place.
There was a time I was the Baby Dog in this family – but now I’m the oldest.
I used to like to sit on Mums lap or right next to her – but now I prefer to lay on the lounge.  Mummy says this happened with Ted and Shel too. When they got senior they just liked a bit more comfort and peace and quiet.  Even though she sometimes complains about being smothered in dogs – Mummy says it’s a little bit sad when us dogs get older and don’t want to sit on her lap anymore.
Mummy says age hasn’t affected my ability to jump and climb though. I heard her and Dad talking and they said it’s because I’ve got long Cavalier legs and a light and petite Maltese frame and body.  It means I can fly.
The latest attempt to stop me jumping the fence when Mum gets home also did not work. In fact, I heard them say that the $90 piece of trellis that they’ve used to raise the height of the fence has just made it easier for me to “climb” the fence!
Every day when Mummy gets home, I jump the fence and run up the driveway to meet her. She opens the car door and I jump in and every night she says – Melly – you silly sausage – you need to stop doing this and just wait for me – you’re going to hurt yourself – and I just give her another kiss and wag my tail – because I’m happy she’s home again. That’s the way we roll!
See ya later Beautiful People – Peace’n’Love’n’Light to all.  Kiss Kiss xx