Maisie’s Musings – 7 April 2016

Hey Fwens, Maisie here. Me and George are the same age ‘pparently and we like ta hang out and do stuff t’getha.
One fing we bof like is goin’ in th’ creek. Coz it’s enda summer – there’s not so much water innit at minnit so we can really check fings out. You’d be surprised what lives in there.  We have found big fat frogs, lots and lots of swimmy tadpoles, yabbies and a turtle.  Not to mention the ducks, Leroy the loose goose, swamp hens, wild ducks, and big white ibis-es – and do you r’member b’fore when we found that big Ol Koala havin’ a baff in our creek. Ya jus’ never know what you’ll find next – ‘an  enny-way – I jus like gettin’ wet an dirty – an so does George.
Dog Muvver has to get us more baffs an haircuts – coz we won’t stay clean. Here’s a pitcha of our creek.
Creek 1Creek 2