Maisie’s Musings 23 February 2016

Oh Hi Friends, Dog Muvver says I haveta tell ya that she’s dog-gone disappointed in us dogs.
Dog Muvver says she baffed  5 of us dogs on Sundy coz Marie from Chasing The Dream Photography and Arts is comin’ ta’ take our pitchers.
Dog Muvver sezs she woz dog-tired from baffin us all and she jus wan-ned us to stay clean for 4 days.
Me an Georgie jus hadta go in  creek to see wevver that Ol’ Koala was in there a-gen. Melly jus wan’ed to fin’ yabby claws – she jus loooves crunchin them yabby claws. I don’ know where she fin’es ’em – I neva fin’ enny.
Dog Muvver says you don’ get cleaner from goin in there more-n-more times. She says – fact its hot is no ‘scuse!
I heard Dog Muvver say summit like “Ruddy Muddy Grubby Buddy Doggies”.
Ennyway, we gotta go pull all th’ creek weeds outa our fur an leave em all over tha’ floor – so  seeya later – love from Muddy Maisie Roly Poly, Grubby George-ous and Mucky Melly!!xx🐾❤️🐾
And – Grumpy Growly Dog Muvver!!😠😩😰😵
Bath Time