Maisie’s Musings – 30 October 2016

So-ooo – we jus’ wen’ ‘onna walk an’ now Dog Parents bofe cranky wiv’ me – cause I foun’ a pritty bird. I was just maisie-ing along, mindin’ me own bidness an’ I jus’ foun’ dis’ bird! It was jus’ sit-tin in grass an’ I wan-ned to help it – so I picked it up in my mouf. Dog Farver started yellin’ at me – Drop it Maisie – No – Let It go an’ all stuff like that – but I wan-ned to keep that bird an’ take it 🏡 home an’ I did not put it down. Pa tries to get my mouth open – but I clamped it tight shut and wood’n open it. He tried covering my nostrils – but I still would not open my mouth.


Then Dog Muvver gives it ‘er best shot to prise my jaws apart but – nope- I’m not givin’ up my pritty bird what was green an’ yellow an red an orange an blue.

Dog Muvver says keep walkin – she won’t be able to keep it in there forever – an when she drops it – pull her away real quick.

But I don’t drop my prittty bird – I’m-a gonna take it home wiv me.


Dog Muvver says it’s ‘barassin’ – an then she tells Dog Farver to get a big stick to put in my mouth behind the bird to force me to drop it – but that don’ work eever.


Dog Muvver says – you’ll have to pull her hair – Farver – she doesn’t like it when Marly does that – so maybe that might work – so Pa pulled me hair at top an bottom an’ I opened me mouth to tell ‘im – I don’ like that, Pa – an’ then he took my pritty bird – an put it where I couldn’ get it. I’m prettty sad ’bout dat – I roolly liked that birdy. I’m gonna go outside an’ see if I can find anuvver one jus’ lyin ’bout.