Maisie’s Musings – 30 May 2016

You don’t want to be a monkey at Hope Springs Eternal.

Hullo Fwens, Every morning I like to lay all over me Dad and give him lots o’kisses so he can wake up an’ play wiv’ me. I get pritty excited when I play and I try to use my teefs – so games always end too soon cause parents don’ like teefs (I don’ know why!)

Ennyway, when Dad won’ play wiv me’n’George anymore – we get toys an play. Mackie likes this game too an’ we have great tugs o’ war. We have blue monkey and grey monkey wiv’ long legs an’ arms – an’ all three of us grab a limb and pull an’ growl really fierce to scare our opponents. First we are all pulling in opposite directions an that monkey – he gets stretched to breaking point but then (coz Mackie always wins – like ALWAYS) George comes over my side an’ we bof gang up on Mackie – but he still wins ennyway (I don’ know why!)

Monkey Collage

Me’n’George don’ worry ’bout it, but – we jus’ run outside an’ see what else we can do. George looks for birds – coz’ he jus’ loves birds an I eiver look for sumthin’ to chase like maybe a mouse – or a motorbike to bark at – or I jus lay on my back and wave my legs in th’ air – coz thats the way I roll!!

Matta fact – I fink I might do that right now. Seeya!