Maisie’s Musings – 28 July 2016

Hey Fwends, The Dog Muvver hasn’t shared our stories so much lately coz been so much goin’ on.

Lotsa’ at-tivities wiv’ foster dogs ‘an visits ‘an all. We’ve had Jimmy an’ Pepper (two times), Ffion an’ Blacky – an we still need walks an’ whatever!

Dog Muvs and Farvs also tryin to do Paws and People stuff, too.

Plus – it’s been really cold and ‘stremely wet this year an we had fallin down trees, overflowin’ creeks, puddles what needed gravel – an Dog Parents workin’ really long hours.

Ennyway, I wan-ned to tell you bout las’ week when in the middle of all the wet an’ cold we had two days what felt like Summer. ‘Afore I come ‘ere – I used ta be a outside dog – an I still like to be outside when I can.

One a these nights – we hadta’ go outside to go toilet ‘fore we went ta bed.

Cuppla’ us – was muckin’ about – so Dog Muvva left us outside and went back in – finkin’ we would follow her in. I didn’ roolly wanna go ta’ bed – so I wen off to play in th’ dark.

Dog Muvver says – Dog Farver – she’s your naughty girl – you fetch ‘er in!

Dog Farver comes outside an’ he’s callin me an’ callin me – Maisie – Come on Bubsie – an stuff like that – an he goes down back – an he’s lookin – an callin – an callin – an lookin – an then Dog Muvver comes out – an she’s callin (but more serious than Dog Farver) – an Dog Farver says – what if fox has taken her – and Dog Muvver says – Don’t be ridiculous Farvs – a fox can’t take that Fatty Boxhead!

I’m jus’ p’tendin like I’m a rock or summat – cause I din’ wanna go inside – but it were a bit funny – so I ‘ad a little snicker to me-self – and whoops – Dog Muvver heard me – an she says – is that you off there in the dark Maisie Grace – but I jus had anuvver little snicker an din’ come out.

Meanwhile – Dads is off lookin’ for me down back wiv’ torch.

Alla this wen on for ’bout twenny minits. I don’ tell time – but cranky Dog Muvver said so!

Anyhow, I could hear that Dog Muvver was really not happy so I fought – Oh Well, betta come out. I roolly like balmy wea-ver – but I don’ really like barmy Dog Muvver!

Then I hadta’ go inside to bed. First I hadta get uvver dogs off me bed. I don know why – but Melly and BJ always wanna get in my bed – even though they got their own.

When I was in my bed, finally Dog par-rents was goin to bed. Then Uh-Oh – I heard Dog Muvver say in really cross voice – Now – where’s Sophie?? If she’s outside, there’s really gonna be trouble.

She looked under bed – coz Sophie goes unner there ta hide, sometimes – but Nope – no Sophie.

Dog Farver was ’bout ta go back outside – but then Dog Muvver says – wait up – that silly liddle dog is in bed wiv Mack an’ George!! What on Earth is goin’ on here? Has this whole dog household gone barking’ mad?

Sophie hadta get in her own bed and get tucked in. We all ‘ad mee-tin – and ‘cided its best if we don’ tell Dog Muvver that Sophie was ‘avin Union Meetin wiv’ dem boys ’bout lack of scotch finger bik-kits lately.

Ennyway, I hope Summer comes soon – an I can be outside on deck in sun more.

See ya, Maisie Grace, Beach Babe❤️