Maisie’s Musings – 16 May 2016

Maisie – The Great Galumpha!

Hullo Fwens, I ‘avent bin on ere much cause I’ve been extra specially busy. George’n’Me ave bin bizzy doin’ lotsa’ stuff.

I waz so ‘appy when me Dad got ‘ome from his trip that I hadta frow m’self into his arms and lick ‘im a good one!👅

Me an George had fun chasing mice roun’ in th’ garrige while Mum was working on the website in the study.🐭

I also had sleep-overs wiv’ Snowie – only I’m so big an she’s so small that it was nearly virtually – a sleep-over – me sleepin over her.

Maisie Yeah

Dog Muvver took us all out walkin’ every uvver day – an one day I seen a big gooshy mud puddle. I dived and rolled – right inta’ it. I wallowed and writhed around in that thick gooey yummy oozy mud goin Hmmm mmmm Mmmm Oof! Luxuri-a-tin in the feel o’ that mud gettin in all me ‘air. I was lovin’ it silly!!💖

Dog Muvver didn’ seem to share my excitement. She gave a big sigh – an said – Maisie, you Goober – what am I gonna do with you?? You are caked in mud – an I have just finished doin th’ washin!🎂

I jus’ smiled happily and ad annuver big flurble in the road – waving my legs all about wiv th’ ‘appiness of it all!

I Lo-o-oves me mud – an I lo-o-oves me Daddy😍❤️

Miss Crazy Maisie xx