Maisie’s Musings 13 February 2016 – Part 2

Hi Friends……Maisie ‘gen!

I’m back from seein’ Dr Digby at Mount Barker Veterinary Clinic now. I didn’ really wanna go in when we got there and I tol’ Dog Farver I could just wait in car but he said – Don’t be crazy, Maisie!

Dog Muvver told Dr Digby that I was a real sook and might not be very happy with him lookin at my foot. But I was a “Bigger Girl” and let him shave my foot and have a look.

Dr Digby knew what the problem was right away. He said I have caught my nail and ripped it back the wrong way and it has torn my nail bed. He said he had to take me out the back and inject local anaesthetic into it and cut the nail bed back or it would become infected and wouldn’t heal. Dog Muvver wasn’t too sure how that was goin’ ta go but I thought we was goin to get donuts and choc-lit milk so I was okay ’bout it.

When he came back, Dr Digby said I was the perfect patient and Dog Muvver musta bin trick in’ im!

He gave me an injecshun too – what was medicine and put on a bandage – and told Dog Muvver to leave it on for a few days.

Dog Farver took me an Snow back to th car while Dog Muvver paid the bill. She bought me a new toy for bein such a big, brave girl – instead of a donut – even though Dog Farver said No – be coz we’ve already got three baskets of toys.

I heard Dog Muvver say that keepin up wiv all our vet bills was enuff to drive her to drink but ‘ cept she carn a-ford it now!

When we got ‘ome – we had ta to feed the chick-ins and ‘paccas an I fought it’d be a good idee-a ta go in creek. Dog Muvver din fink so – I don’ know why.

Anyways, here’s a picher of me an my new toy – I’m goan-a call ‘im – Possy an’ I gonna hug im an sqeeze im an lub him.🐿

I'm gonna squeeze 'I'm and lub 'I'm - and call him Poss

I’m gonna squeeze ‘im and hug ‘im and lub ‘im- and call him Possy