Maisie’s Musings 10th February 2015

Hi Folks – I’m one of the permanent residents here. It wasn’t always this way. Me family fostered me from RSPCA – and I waz sposed to get ‘dopted – but they both just fell in love with me and I made it like I’d always been part of the fam-ly. You know I heard Dog Mother say she writ me doption profile and everyfin – but just could’n bear to see me go.

So here I am – they call me Fatty Poombah and sometimes Fatty Boxhead – seems to be a bit of a theme there, hey?

Me Dog Farver loves me to bits and calls me Bubbsy an I heard him say – if ever there was a d-i-v-o-r-c-e that he’d be takin me!


Daddy loves his Fatty Boxhead

Daddy loves his Fatty Boxhead

He loves it when I wake him up in the mornin by writhing around and rollin all over him like an anaconda – but not so much when I lick him in the ear – go figure!

I love my life – I’ve got some great squeaky fluffy toys including my pink flamingo, red dog – my going to bed toy – and Hippy. They like me to roll around on the bed and play with them and take them for a walk to see the ducks. I leave them outside so they can get some fresh air and sunshine – but Mums always picken em up and bringin em in again – I don’ know why?

When we go out for a walk – I love to do a duck’n’roll. Sometimes I do a complete somersault – otha times I just flurble all around on the ground with all my legs floppin around in the air. Dad don’t like it when I do that in the middle of the road. I also really like doin that in muddy puddles – the mud oozin all round me and gettin in my fur feels roolly good.

Wait up ……is that annuver ruddy motorbike I hear goin past ma house. We’ll see about that ….catcha later – got me some serious barkin to do!