Maisie’s Musings – 27 September 2016

Maisie’s Meanderings

Hullo Fwens, I fawt I might let you know that I miss Mack’n’George. Me’n’Mack’n’George usedta play ev’ry mornin’ an ‘ave tugs’o’war wiv toys’n’stuff.

Now I jus’ havta’ play by myselfs – an roll roun an’ wave me legs in air like I jus’ don’ care – coz I got no play-Fwens.

I tried playin wiv BJ pritty boy – but it jus’ makes him worried. Dog Muvva sezs evryfin’ makes BJ worried.

Right now – BJ is worried about wevver Dog Farva is gonna get eated by “A CAT” coz he’s gone offta uvver room to watch Pa type TV.

I also tried playin wiv Soph – but she’s so little an’ I’m such a big galumphin lummox (Ma sezs) That it don’ work so good.

One good fing (I guess) is that I got my favourite toys back when Mackie left – coz I could’n ‘ave em when Mack was ere coz he wan-ned to eat em all up.

Now I got my Possy, my Hippy, my Rabbie an my red dog.

Ma made Pa play wiv me this mornin.

See ya Fwens – I’m gonna go see if Possy wants to come outside an’ see uvver possums. See ya 👋🏽


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