Mack’s Monologue’s – 28 February 2016

Oh Hello There, Good People – the Dog Parent servants have a rare afternoon off to attend the viewing of a football game at the local Inn.
Whilst they’re away – I thought I’d tell you about a rather luscious older lady I made the acquaintance of last evening – the exquisite Lady Blossom of Macclesfield previously of Coromandel Valley.
Lady Blossom had a number of appointments to attend last Friday – and so – the servants were dispatched early in the morn to fetch her in the carriage.
She stopped off on her return journey for the application of some beauty treatments and then arrived at Hope Springs for lunch.
I was taken immediately by her fairness and asked her to step out and promenade with me. Truth be told – I had other more nefarious ideas in my cultivated and genteel little head as well – but we had a whole parade of Chaperones accompanying us.
Must be Love
The delightful Marie from Chase The Dream Photography and Arts, the servants and my fellow Lords and Ladies including the Dowager – Lady Snow- berry.
My immature young brother – George – tried to woo her away from me with offers of a “jolly good time” and “tremendous fun” to be had with him and the young Mistress, Maisie – but good fortune   and common sense prevailed – and her head was not turned by such frivolities.
I understand that after our most marvellous afternoon, she was taken for a jaunt to the seaside – before returning home to the Manor Macclesfield and the ministrations of Jill, her Lady in Waiting.
Oh, I do so hope  to see the Lovely Lady Blossom again some time. I may need to invite her to the next Boules afternoon.
Well must go, Ol Chap – my man awaits. Cheerio and Toodles. Lord Mackie, Lady Magnet.