Mack’s Monologues 15 February 2016

Hello Dear Readers – Mack here….. Dog Mother has suggested that I might like to introduce myself to you all. I’ve heard it said that I’m rather a charming chap and the best, most smoochiest cuddler ever. I’ve heard both dog parents remark about how I really cuddle in.

Dog Mother says I’m a genteel sort of fellow and would be quite at home in the House of Lords – perhaps one might say that I’m even a bit of a Toff!

I’ve been here at Hope Springs for a few weeks now and I’m having ever such a lovely time.

I was apparently extremely thin when I arrived but have now filled out rather marvellously and I overheard Dog Mother say last night that I’ve now got lovely plump muscles.

I think one of the reasons for that – is my love of a jolly good run! When we go down the back – I just love to run about – quite randomly! Dog Mother says I have the biggest smile – and that my joy is evident.

Ive also discovered since I’ve been here – that I quite like toys – who knew!! I love to take a toy with me when I go down the back and I alternately squeak it – and run about with it. I’ve even learned to go back and pick it up – when something else has taken my attention briefly – and I’ve put it down and forgotten about it. Unfortunately, some toys that are Maisie’s and Melly’s favourites have to be taken away from me – because I have a very enquiring mind and want to see what sort of intestinal fortitude the toys have – or as my crass little fur brother, George would say – “What’s in their guts”.

Just the other day I dismembered a furry toy flying fox. It was off with his head. He didn’t seem inclined to squeak after that – so I left him to consider his shortcomings – out in the garden. I checked on him yesterday but the recidivist had not repented – so I was forced to leave him there.

I’ve taken rather a shine to the Dog Mother and enjoy sharing the benefit of my esteemed company with her of an evening. I’d rather like to share her bed also – but apparently there is a prevailing view of equity in this establishment and if one were to be allowed, then the privilege would need to be extended to all. Therefore, no furry beings are allowed to share the human bed overnight and must be satisfied with a brief interlude whilst coffee is partaken of in the morning. Oh Well, it’s her loss, really – she misses out on extra amounts of my magnificence.

Well, must dash – I see it is time for yoghurt drops – not as scrumptious as scones with jam and cream but will suffice for the present moment!

Pip Pip and Cheerio and Toodles Friends. Lord Mackie. Xx lots of dog licks to you all.

Hope Springs Eternal Dog Rescue, Rehoming & Retirement Inc.'s photo.