George’s Guffaws 21 February 2016

Hey Buddies, George-ous here. Guess what, Guess what!!
We went down the back yesterday and there was a Koala paddling around an’ havin’ a baff in our creek!!
Me an Maisie was so excited – we wanted to go an say Hi straight up.
Dog Muvver an Dog Farver says Noooo! Sometimes they’re like the Fun Police.
When Dog Muvver was bizzy wiv Snowie an givin Lucerne to the ‘paccas an Dog Farver was busy feedin th’ chickens – Maisie wen’ in there. She really wanted ta meet that Ol’ Koala!!
The koala – he din’ wanna be friends and he climbed up a tree an ate some leaves – I’m a-gonna try that today an see if that ‘Ol Koala’s still there!!
See ya Buds – I got lots ta do today – goin ta have me bone right now.