George’s Guffaws 16 February 2016

Yeah, Hey Dude’s! ‘Parently I’m the only one now that hasnt intra-doosed meself and that’s prolly coz I’m real bizzy. Man, I got things ta do. I don’t really  like  sitting down for too long.

 Dog Mother calls me George-ous or Georgie mostly – and just occasionally she calls me Doofus.

 What I  like best about livin here at Hope Springs is the amount of room ta run about. I just looooves to run – and I’m  really like – fast.  Mack thinks he’s the fastest but I know – I am. We have games of chasey down the back sometimes and all of us chase Mack. Dog Mother laughs – and laughs. We all go round and round the tree but like no-one catches him  until I think of turning round and going in the opposite direction and we ‘dog sandwich’ him!

 I really love th’ Dog Father and whenever I hear his voice I get super excited. I like to wake him up in th’ mornin’s and play games wif ‘im! I learnt this game ‘afore – where you bite people’s toes  and paw  their bare feet and toes with your claws. It seems like a really super game to me – ‘specially when they pull their foot back  

and yell – but th’ Dog Father says he don’ like this game at all – he says No George – this is not a good game to play.

 George Guffaw

Me and Maiser like ta’ play together and often have tugs’o’war  ‘wiv th toys. She’s a good sort that Mais – we’re ’bout th same age and good buds!  

  Th’ Dog Mother here says I have a real fascination for birds and I’m a real ‘Bird Dog!!’

 Especially Magpies – I dunno why – I just luv them!

 The creek here got really dry on account of we ‘din get no rain and th ducks and Leroy, the goose were really just sitting in a puddle. Me and Maisie couldn’t help  ourselves – evrytime we went down there we had to go wading through the water.

 One day – I caught a duck – and – I liked it! Golly Gee and Wow Wee – I was beside meself with ‘citement! I ran up to find Dog Father and told  him to   Come See!! I was just wild with the thrill of it all – but Dog Father didn’ share my joy. He said Georgie Porgie Puddin ‘ n ‘ Pie – you’ve caught a duck and  you’ve made it die. Stuff like that will make Dog Mother ask why – and I might be wrong – but there’s a chance she’ll cry!

 Well – I dunno! Kinda sucked the joy right out of it – especially when I dint get ta go  down there again until we had a really big big rain that filled  the creek up to the brim and made th’ ducks safe again.

 Well gotta go – Mack’s got a toy I wanna pinch, Dog Mothers shoe needs to be brought out to the lounge, Dog Father’s slipper needs to go outside – and I need to help Maisie bark at the garbage truck.

Seeya Dudes, yours ‘fechshunately, Georgie.