George’s Guffaws – 10 September 2016

Georges Guffaws – The Final Fling

Hey Good Buddies! Didja’ hear I’m gunna have a noo fam’ly of me very own – an’ I only havta share wiv Mack. Yippadee-doo-da, Golly Gee Whiz an’ Jiminy Crickits – me very own Daddy to run amok wiv’, to wrassle wiv an’ to hang out wiv! I won’ havta fight for a spot wiv’ th’ Dog Muvver at night or try an’ get a play fight when Dog Farver is playin’ wiv BJ or Maisie. I’m gunna have my own Mum an’ Dad all to me (an’ Macks) selfs.

I fawt I might miss playin in creek an’ chasin ducks an checkin out magpies – but th’ Dog Muvver sezs that there is more birds than I eva saw at th’ beach – an I’m gunna go there wiv noo pare-ents!

Hope Springs Eternal Dog Rescue, Rehoming & Retirement Inc.'s photo.

She says the beach has more water than creek does an’ there’s lotsa noo fings to smell an’ sniff an’ roll in an’ lotsa lotsa water an heepsa room to run!

I might miss Maise – coz her’n’me good mates – but I prolly will meet noo frens coz I’m pretty fren’ly Dog Muvver sezs.

Me an’ Mack ad baff and brush today reddy for noo home – an’ Dog Muvver sezs we look bewdiful an’ we verry soft an’ fluffy – an’ she sent photas’ to me new fam as proof we was pritty – coz she sezs she don’ trust us ta’ stay cleen – ‘specially coz it’s Gard-nin’ day t’morra’

Dog Muvva’ sezs her an Dog Farver are gunna miss me an’ Mack – cos’ I’m a good boy an a great dog – even if I am a ratbag – an she sezs I’m George-ous an’ she luvs us verry much. She sezs she will be too sad to write our story nex week when we gone – so I betta say see ya’ now. She sezs please don’ have a literal final fling an’ tug-a-war wiv Maisie an’ her bra fing. Well good buddies – Fanks for bein me Fwens.

Hope Springs Eternal Dog Rescue, Rehoming & Retirement Inc.'s photo.