George’s Guffaws – 10 May 2016

Cor’ Blimey Dudes, you should see the creek at our place since the rain yesterday! Dog Father says “Georgie, Me Boy – don’t you and Mildred (Maisie) go chasin’ our ducks and geese today or they gonna jump in the water and be swept away to Timbuktu afore you know it”. I was checkin out that creek an it looks so high, I’m thinkin’ I can walk on it and jus walk right over to them ducks an say Hi!

I put out my foot and Dog Mother said “George, you Ratbag – Do Not!!” So I went off to do summink else for a minnit and wait till that Ol’ Dog Muvver’s not watchin!

Me an Mayse went and said ‘Ullo to the neighbours cows – an I saw Sandy havin a big run as well. She looked pretty happy bout it.

The wet grass is nearly as big as Snowie – so she don’t like it too much.

I got a new thing ta do. Our new Pilgrim Geese are really big an they come marchin out to work in the veggie patch each mornin wiv the Runner Ducks. It’s like they on a chain gang or summat. I like to run full pelt up to the fence and then just stop. That Reuben Goose flaps his big wings at me – like he’s gonna box me ears but he’s too heavy to get off the ground and fly over the fence so he’s safe – an so am I.

George Collage

Me an Maisie’s good mates – like I tol’ ya b’fore – but she shore is a Miss Bossy Boots Britches Bully sometimes. She likes ta play chasey an then have a good ‘ol wrassle – so she barks at me an then we chase an then she goes the full hip an shoulder (an fat ass) all rammin into me full pelt like a star rugby player. Man, it fair knocks me off ma feet an takes the wind fair outa me sails.

Las’ thing we do is go an see if the Pacca Boys waitin at the fence an if they are – we bark ferociously at them – an they ignore us – ‘crept that Kuna – who says Nyah Nyah – Yer Mutha was a dog – an yer Father prolly was, too – an he sticks his long neck over the fence an grins  at me with his big bucky teeth.

After that – we have ta get chased inside – cause Me an Maisie’s always last – an then we get Milky Stick Treats – but we have ta sit – b’cause that’s the cost of ’em!

Did I tell ya’ I’m not really a good sitter – cause I’m too busy – got so much to do, Yoh!