Chloe’s Conversations – 30 October 2016

Hello Everyone Out There,

Dog Mother says it’s time for me to officially join the “Hope Springs Gang” and have my own posts on the page.

Dog Father says I’m just a little girl – and pretty much everyone who sees me falls in love and wants to take me home. My mummy wanted me to have the chance to settle down though because we moved a fair bit the last couple of years and me and Cino weren’t coping with it so well. Now that Cino’s gone too – it was decided that I needed to stay here where I have settled and got comfortable with the other dogs here.

Mummy told the Dog Mother I am a Princess – and would like to spend my whole time on someone’s lap. Mummy had to move again – but she likes to get photos and updates about me from the Dog Mother – because she really misses me💔.

I have been here for about six weeks now, I think.



There are lots of things I like here – I like my jumpers when it’s cold to keep me snuggly, I like bone day (although I try hard not to get my paws dirty when I have bones), I like the yoghurt drop treats we get – and I sit as prettily as Melly does to get my treats), I like the occasional piece of Scotch Finger Biscuit 🍪 that we get as a very special treat and I really like dinner and the Dog Fathers World Famous Dog Food Recipe.

A little while back – Dog Mother thought I could put on a little bit of weight but now she says Prinny (that’s what she sometimes calls me and it’s short for Princess) – You are becoming a butter-ball, a porky 🐷 pig – and if you’re not careful you’ll be more like Princess 👸 Fiona from Shrek!!

So now she says I have to exercise some restraint – I don’t know what that is – and I hope it’s not too hard – because I’m just a little girl!

I like to sit on laps and have cuddles – and I like to share my loveliness around with everyone.



When the Dog Mother talks about me she uses words like “sublime” and “divine” and “gorgeous” and “sweetie-pup” and of course the Dog Father ❤️ loves me.

I’m not a complete push-over though. If that Sophie gets too big for her britches – I tell her what for, back – and when that silly pesky Marly puppy tries to play with me – I tell her very firmly that I do not wish to play – THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

I found a feather the other day – and I wanted to keep it because it was pretty – like me – and Marly wanted to come and play with it – and I told her off quite firmly and told her to leave my fine frilly feaver alone!!

That’s all I can tell you right now – because I’m only a little girl – and I can’t think of anymore right now and I need to take a little beauty 😴 nap.

Love ❤️ you…..Chloe🌺