Blossom’s Bulletin – 26 February 2016

Hi there Hope Springs Community Friends – Blossom here. Normally I’m havin’ fun and living with Jill and Rocky – but I had a day out today at Hope Springs and thought I’d introduce myself while I was here.

We started our day with a trip to the Vet where some okay – and some unspeakable – things were done unto me.

Then we stopped off to buy cake, and went home to meet the gang for a photo-shoot – for a web-site – I’m led to believe.

Gee, dogs en-masse are a little overwhelming – but I did enjoy my time looking around and meeting the alpacas, ducks – and Leroy – the loose goose.

Lord Mackie was quite smitten with me and on occasions got quite amorous. He asked me to be his paramour – and I felt quite the floozy.

I struck some of my best poses for the photos and enjoyed some roast chicken – Lord Mackie was partaking of cucumber sandwiches!

Afterwards, the Dog Parents took me for a ride in the car to Adelaide. While the Master went to a meeting , the Mistress and I had a latte at the little park opposite the office of the Premier of the State.

We then went down to the beach at Glenelg and had a look at the boats, watched two dolphins frolic and had a stroll along the beach. It was rather lovely to feel the sand between my toes, the sun on my back and watch the waves lap gently on the shore.

I then had a drink at the Hotel – or across the road from the Hotel and went to my second appointment at the Eye Specialist.

He did some rather uncomfortable things to my eyes – that I didn’t enjoy much but redeemed himself by giving me some liver treats as a parting gift.

It’s been a rather hectic day and I’m looking forward to settling down for a rest with Jill and Rocky when I get back home.

Lovely to meet you all – Love Blossom xx