BJ’s Blurts – 23 September 2016

BJ’s Blurts

BJ Blurty Bot – post 3 Wise Monkeys

Hur Hur – Hurro Evey-one, Mah sezs I shud’ writ’ agin’ now that Mack’ n’George are gone coz you might miss havin’ a Hope Springs Gazette ‘ta read.

Mah sezs me’n’Mack’n’George wuz jus like The 3 Musketeers – “All for one – an – one fur all” – or prolly more like the 3 Wise Monkeys – See No Evil (that’d be Mack), Hear No Evil – Mah sezs that’d be me (on accoun of I don’ seem to hear too well when Ahm doin’ me own thing – anna’ course – George’d havta be – Do No Evil onna count – he would – if’n he could.🙈🙉🙊

Ennyway, Ma sezs they got noo fam’ly – an now it’s only one Musketeer, One Monkey, Curley wiv out Larry an Mo, 1 little Stooge-us – you get-tin Idee-a?

It’s bin a bit cold (an orfly wet) ‘ere – so Dog Muvver sezs – wear your jumper – BJ Blurty Bot!

I try’s rool hard – but I ‘ave problims wiv jumpers – on accoun’ ah only got short legs. Them jumpers seem to twist about an’ me legs fall out – an’ ah shake ’em all about – an ah do the Okey Pokey an I turn a roun’ – well you know wot it’s all ’bout.

Ennyway, Mah an’ Pah – they comes ‘ome uvva night an’ Ahm Wear in’ me jumper off’n one shoul-da – like a toga (Pah sezs). He says – BJ – Pritty Boy – you bin to Rome t’day? You been glad-i-at-in, Son – you bin out ridin’ in Chariots, Boy?

Ah has a liddle snicker an’ I sezs – No, Pah- ah been lay in’ about an’ gels been givin’ me grapes an fannin’ me Pah – you know them gels allus likes me Pah – I dunno why??

Nex night – Mah’n’Pah comes ‘ome an Ahm wearin’ me jumper roun’ me waist like a skirt or a kilt. Pah sezs BJ – Son – you bin off ta Scotland today – hangin’ out wiv Braveheart an playin them bagpipes? Or maybe you bin to Hawaii, Son – and bin doin’ hula dancin in grass skirt, huh? I sezs Hur Hur – No Pah – I jes din want all the gels here to see my private parts. I is the only boy here, now Pah – an’ all these gels fink I’m like a curiosity – I dunno why!

Well, Pah – he says – Now don’ you worry about it, BJ Me Boy. Ya’ caint neva unnerstan dem wimmin folk, Son. You’n’me gonna’ have ras’bry jam on toast an’ watch Football Son – jus’ us boys.

So – me an Pah done watch football an’ had ras’bry jam on toast an chocklit milk for me (Pah done have bee-ar) an we watch the footy – an th’ Crows – what’s Pah’s team din win – Ah dunno why……!

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