Cino came into care with Chloe – who is still with us.

We noticed fairly quickly that he was rubbing his face on the carpet a lot and whimpering with pain at night.

Assuming it to be his teeth – we booked him in urgently for  a dental.

Sadly, Cino had a brain aneurysm and passed away before he could even be given an anaesthetic.



Today ……… Has not turned out how I expected – at all. I took a little dog who was dancing around my front garden this morning to the Vet – for a dental procedure. I told him on the way that whilst he probably wouldn’t feel great tonight – hopefully with his teeth sorted he would soon feel chipper and much better. I told little Chloe that Cino would be back tonight.

Cino isn’t coming back💔💫👼

It turns out that the pain he’s been experiencing might have been something going on in his brain. He had a good strong heart and his pre-anaesthetic blood panel showed excellent liver and kidney function – so – nothing to ring any alarm bells.

Sadly, when he was given the pre- anaesthetic relaxant – he went into cardiac failure and whilst the vet staff tried valiantly to bring him back – he slipped away – on gossamer wings.

I am devastated and heartbroken. I am so very sorry for his Mummy who had this little Chappy from when she was 15 – for 14 years. They grew up together – and it was clear that she adored him.

We feel privileged and honoured though – to have had the pleasure of knowing this beautiful little fella and his Mum, being a small part of his life and being able to love and support little Chloe through the loss of her big brother. We had him for a very short time – but the memories will be enduring and we will speak of him often. He was a beautiful little man.

We will light a candle tonight, say a prayer and wish you God-speed Little Man. Run Free and frolic in sunshiney fields filled with buttercups – over the Rainbow Bridge.

Cino will be remembered in our Hope Springs Memorial Garden and a Cappucino rose will be planted to celebrate his life.