Big Brown Bear – Bailey Bruce

I don’t know where to start……..The life left a character who was larger than life, last night. We’ve had Bailey Bruce – also known as Bails, Bailer, Woofy and Barney since he was a tiny fluffy baileys coloured roly poly puppy. The first night he was with us, after listening to him cry for 40 minutes I got up and cuddled him on the couch so he didn’t wake everyone up. He nestled under my hair on my shoulder and we joked that he imprinted on me like a duck and thought I was his mother.

Bailey embraced life with gusto. He loved people, he loved attention and he loved having his photo taken. He followed us everywhere and he was interested in everything. He’d always stop on walks to see what other people were doing and wanted to stick his nose into every nook and cranny. We joked that he was Ray’s Deputy – and Deputy Dawg was added to his list of credits and monikers.

If we took too long getting organised, he’d often take the lead and start taking Mel for a walk. When he was bored, he’d chew his dog tags.

Bailey’s favourite game was rolling around on his back with a pair of stockings between his paws that he’d stretch with his teeth as well and he was a serial sock thief. He always seemed to favour pink toys and we questioned his proclivities.

He loved scotch finger biscuits and cheese – not necessarily together. He could be sound asleep upstairs but as soon as the cheese came out – he was there.

About 12 months ago when he started sleeping sitting up on the couch – we thought it was just another Bailey quirk – but it turned out he had developed heart problems. He never let this slow him down though and was still always at the forefront of the action.

Bailey lived a massive life and he’ll leave a massive hole in our lives. Sleep now Fluffy Boy and catch up on all the rest and relaxation that you never had time for.

We could never forget you Bails. Run free like you did on the beach at Normanville so many times. Big Love Big Brown Bear. Ma and Pa xx🐾💔🌹